Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I read banned books.

Current book: Lady Chatterley's Lover
Pages read: 16 - 100

So, Lord and Lady Chatterley can't have sex, what with the paralysis and all, and the first part of the book pretty much consists of their friends talking about sex, them talking about sex, and Connie having sex with an itinerant playwright. (His name is Michaelis. Which makes him sound sort of like an angel. He's not. Really, really not.)

Clifford actually tells Connie to have sex with other men so that she can have a child, so she's really got a free pass for infidelity. Also, Clifford and his friends regard sex as something that's a physical reaction and a necessity for men (Though not women. Of course.), and therefore not to be weighed down with a great deal of emotional content. Connie sleeps with Michealis out of sexual interest, but doesn't really love him, and is dismayed when he expresses his frustration that women never acheive orgasm with him. He finds it annoying and blames it on the women, saying that he's insulted when a woman demands that he try to last longer than he's inclined to, and also when she masturbates herself to orgasm during sex. (What do you want, dude? You can't have it both ways, for the love of Christ! Seriously. The man is an ass.) Anyway, at the end of this section, Connie meets the estate's gamekeeper, Mr. Mellors, accidentally sees him stripped to the waist, washing himself, and is immediately attracted to and intrigued by him.

Man, seriously, Lawrence couldn't have been surprised that this book got banned. So far, it pretty much consists of the aristocracy sitting around having candid, scandalous, and cavalier discussions about sex. I mean, fun for the whole family and all, but not exactly likely to be well received in 1928.

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